Friday, June 27, 2008

Dirty Apes raid Kiptopeke State Park!!!

You bad BAD little filth-mongers! Here are five pictures from the visit:

Some random soda can tossed on the Boardwalk, romantic for poo-throwing apes doesn't me WE want to see it on our lovely walk. Can you see it there to the right? We sure could!

Juice in a bag with SUN in the label certainly is not invitation for baby chimps to try and give trash a tan.

Styrofoam, monkey-types LOVE to break off chunks of the stuff from their dollar store coolers to fling instead of their poo I guess.

Um, hey Link, ya left a fork in my VIEW.

Natural in the label is a lie ya stupid gorillas! Hey, you'd think if we can train dogs tricks, maybe we could teach these dumb monkey tools to pick UP trash instead of DUMP it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fountain Lake Seized by Monkeys!!!

Littering monkeys that is! It's a hot day for the ice cream jerk at Fountain Lake 6/9/2008:

Nature Valley wrappers are NOT natural, even if it's oats n honey, ya granola chimp.

Um...DoritNO, monkeyboy!

Fountain Lake Mermaid? I think NOT! Your first clue, silly little ape, is that mermaids do not wear clothing; especially ratted out workout pants with elastic waists!