Monday, September 8, 2008

Tales from 42nd Street Island

Labor Day weekend, we visited a nice spot, 42nd Street Island. Too bad the dirty filthy monkeys got there first with their nasty bits!

Okay, Ape Dum-dums, don't even try and blame the ducks for the Yuengling!

Stupid monkey left his plastic lunch trash under the bridge. There was a receptacle only a few yards away.

So the trained monkey with a dog has sense enough to bag the poo, but I guess the instinct to fling dung kicked in and it wound up in a tree! Foolish ape!

So on our way out, crossing over the pedestrian bridge, we see a nearly finished bag of peanuts next to some pretty appropriate graffiti. Well, F you too, monkeyboy!

Cool Project

Late on the posting of it, but let's hope more happens with this. They clean up messes like this:

Right on!