Sunday, August 31, 2008

The emancipating power of pride

Richmond Boat Ramp (Ancarrow’s Landing) area.

A place with lots of history, now it has lots of fishing and lots of littering. A-hole Apes apparently can't find the time to clean up the river they take so much "pride" in. Nice move, monkeys!
(photo submitted by Wendy McClary)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stinking Apes dirty up old C.C.C. Camps

We go to Pocahontas State Park for some delightful kayaking, a bit of walking, and a visit to one of only two Civilian Conservation Corps Museums in the United States, only to be insulted by littering apeheads throwing their filth around.

You try to read a sign when you notice a big heaping pudding cup blending into the scene on the left like it BELONGS there. Yeah right ya puddin' head ape!

Obviously some ignorant ape has no idea what the C.C.C. were about, maybe if they could that sign back there. Dumb-O Monkey!

Back during the C.C.C. days, when there was dispute between two people, they always took it to the boxing ring to resolve it. If the C.C.C. boys saw what these dumb monkeys were doing to their hard work and labor to provide a nice natural park, a whole lotta stupid monkeys would be getting a whooping in the ring! Monkey Meat!