Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little Volunteering does a lot of good

The title sounds corny, we know, but on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a call to volunteer was asked. We took it more as an opportunity to clean up one of our many beautiful parks in the city. The one that was targeted for the event was the Slave Trail / Anncarrow's Landing Park. We arrived at 9am, ready to go. No one was there and we began to wonder. Then we saw this:

Some monkeyface leaving a diaper and shattered beer bottle for the fish?

So we started with a grocery bag, picking up in a spot, hoping others would show. They did! Almost immediately, about 40 volunteers all joined in picking up trash, trimming back trees and mulching the area. It was a great success!



With volunteering, a difference can be made. So get out there every so often and pick it up!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spongebob Trashpants

Sorry, we have been on hiatus from this a while...holidays and winter weather, we haven't gone out much. Litterbugs, however, are a 24 hour a day problem.

Anyway, this was from a walk to Belle Isle a little while ago:

Hey monkey fling, ducks are actually smart enough to know that the water bottle is NOT another duck, so quit trying to introduce some kind of trash to them!

This is NOT what humans call a shoetree, you ape head.

And finally, what the hell is the story with THIS? Did some monkeyface leave their little one too close to the river edge? Or was this some kind of contest to see which monkey could roll their stroller into the river the furthest? Spongebob would NOT be amused. Stupid ape!