Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peaks of Dirty Apes of Otter

So your humble servants went to the Peaks of Otter and we enjoyed this hazy yet beautiful view:

But despite our serenity, guess who followed us? Those damned filthy litter-monkeys!
Let's start with the story of a little styrofoam cup that never quite made it to the trash can. We saw it here first, sitting on the sill of the old cabin at the top of Sharp Top Mountain:

A little while later, some gorilla must have picked it up and played with it some more then strewn it near some signage, which is surprising that they could even read to know how to get back down the mountain! Stupid monkey!

We also found that some senseless bipeds must have a real difficulty distinguishing trash receptacles from a lot of other things in nature, say hollow tree stumps.

Apparently this area has an epidemic of this, spot the cola can!

Those ignorant damned dirty apes!

Friday, July 18, 2008